Code Of Ethics


Main Aims

Child Protection.

Child centred approach valuing participation over winning.


Core Values

Integrity in relationships

Safe, positive and encouraging atmosphere.


Fair play.

Balanced approach to competition.


Players are entitled to:

Be safe and feel safe

Be listened to

Be believed

Be treated with dignity and respect

Have a voice in the club

Participate on an equal basis

Have fun and enjoy sport

Experience competition at a level at which they feel comfortable Make complaints and have them dealt with Be protected against bullying Say no Be protected against abuse Confidentiality Players should always:

Treat mentors with respect

Play fairly

Respect team members even when things go wrong Respect opponents, be gracious in defeat Behave in a manner that avoids bringing the sport into disrepute Talk to children's officer if they have any problems Inform mentors of unavailability for training / matches

Players should never:


Use violence

Harm team members, opponents or their property Bully or use unfair tactics to isolate another player Keep secrets, especially if they have been caused harm Tell lies about people Spread rumours Use bad language

Mentors should be:

Positive during sessions

Praise and encourage efforts as well as results Put welfare of young people first and strike a balance between this and results Be able to recognise developmental needs.

Mentors should not:

Use any form of physical force

Exert undue influence over individuals

Encourage rough physical games


Parents Code of Conduct

Respect the rules and procedures set down in Kilmichael Juvenile GAA Club Code of Ethics.

Respect all children's team-mates, and parents.

Never demonstrate threatening or abusive behaviour or use foul language.

Should contact mentors regarding lateness, unavailability for training / matches

2018 Child Safegaurding Statement


Anti-Bullying Policy and Disciplinary Procedure

How we try to prevent bullying:

Ensure that all members follow the code of conduct, which promotes the rights and dignity of each member.

Deal with incidents as they arise.

Use a no blame approach.

If a continuous behavioural problem with a child arises, mentors will:

Caution the child/ individual

Inform parents/guardians

Involve the committee to discuss actions and take decisions.

If a continuous behavioural problem with an adult arises, mentors will:

Talk to the individual

Involve the committee to discuss and decide the necessary actions


Unregistered players are NOT covered by insurance.

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Weekly Winners:

€50 - John Paul O'Callaghan, Coppeen

€25 - Ted O'Driscoll, c/o Jerry Masters

€25 - Maureen Dromey, c/o Dromeys

€25 - Diarmuid Kirwan, clo Jerry Masters

Next Draw: Tuesday, 20th November

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Jackpot: €15,000

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